The God Complex

Posted on Feb 22, 2012

Everyone accuses creatives of being difficult prima donna’s with inflated egos and god-complexes. Guilty. But it’s not our fault. We have to be slightly delusional in order to survive. Our jobs and work-product aren’t quantifiable in a spreadsheet. Companies try to do it all the time. Creativity doesn’t fit in a spreadsheet. The fact there’s even a spreadsheet makes most creatives want to barf.

The guy in this article has some great insight on creative behaviors. It’s an anonymous interview, but I think his first answer really makes a solid statement. Creatives are annoying because, in the end, WE are the ones judged for the work. We are the ones that will have to put it on a website and claim it as our own. WE are the ones expected to take 10 different viewpoints and agendas, plop it into something, and make people love it and want to buy more stuff.

Don’t get me wrong. The other parts of the agency life are hugely important. Creatives don’t get work done without them. Period. I can’t do my job without them. There’s no hierarchy of importance (for me at least). None of us exist without the others. You get to say you worked for a national brand, which is impressive. But remember this, I have to show the thing that has 4 logos, 6 messages, the photo shot by the client’s friend, and three web addresses as “my work.”


(Thanks to Shanon Wille and Digiday)