Life is too short for boring ideas, bad design, and terrible coffee. There are much better ways to waste your time.


I like to refer to myself as a Solutionist (it’s at the top of the page if you don’t believe me). So what does that mean besides making up words to suit my needs? Simply put, being a Solutionist is a process, not a formula. A formula produces expected answers. Every time. Good ‘ol reliable formulas. And that’s great… If you’re an accountant. We’re talking about creativity. About delivering a message. Making an impact. Changing perceptions. There’s no reliable formula to get those results.

But a process? Now that is really where you can dig for some answers. A process is flexible. A process uses guiding principles, but let’s you have some freedom to move. It’s like sweatpants for messaging. It lets you unhook from the expected, and that’s where the best solutions are found.

I could bore you with a long story about my history and experience, but this is the internet. Frankly, I’m surprised you’ve read this much. If you really want to hear more about me or you’d rather talk about you , then contact me.


A few things
worth knowing
about me.


I brew my own beer.
Yes, it’s easier to buy it.


I have three blind dachshunds.
They make me feel tall.


I love robots.
I welcome them as overlords.